Marathi movie "Sairat," which is creating waves across the nation, had its first show in Chennai on Saturday, June 11. The show, organised by a film society, was attended by celebrities and critics from Kollywood.

Cinema Rendezvous, a Chennai-based film club, hosted the special show at 8.30 a.m. at PVR Grand Mall, Chennai. As expected, "Sairat" managed to impress the Tamil celebrities and critics with its content and performance of the cast members.

Here are a few responses posted by them:

Lingusamy: #Sairat - This is one of the best movie that i had seen after Kadhal. Brilliant film making & am out of words to describe this one. Kudos
Big thanks to @CRendezvous for giving me an invite to watch film #Sairat !! Huge applause to @shylaar & ur team for screening it here.Thanku

Dhananjayan Govind: Finally watched the Marathi film #Sairat ...a wonderful film with a heart touching ending. Thanks to #CinemaRendevous for organizing it.
A superb week-end as I watched three different but brilliant films #SAIRAT (Marathi), #AAaMovie (Telugu) & now #OruNaalKoothu .. do watch:-)

Sudhish Kamath: #Sairat: Long but good. A LOT like Balaji Sakthivel's Kaadhal with a slightly different last scene. Nagraj Manjule is Marathi cinema's Bala.

Ramesh: #Sairat [4.25/5]: A beautiful movie about forbidden romance between a upper caste rich gal and a lower caste poor boy.. A Stunning Climax..
#Sairat [4.25/5]: Male Lead #AkashThosar is very charming and a Star material.. Female Lead #RinkuRajguru deservedly won a National Award..
#Sairat [4.25/5]: Music by #Ajay - #Atul is top notch.. Songs are melodious and peppy.. DOP #SudhakarReddy captures Central Maharashtra well
#Sairat [4.25/5]: Dir #NagrajManjule has handled a sensitive subject well and delivered Marathi Cinema's No.1 All-Time Highest Grosser..

Kaushik (LMK): #Sairat - 4/5.. Love is vanquished by the evil menace of the caste system. Kaadhal-like. Inevitable end but brilliant touch with the baby
#Sairat - 4 /5..Heroine Rinku Rajguru stays on in memory. What a fantastic performer. She just owns the screen. Hope she becomes a superstar
#Sairat - 4 /5..Composers Ajay-Atul and the cinematographer elevate this entertaining, dramatic, emotional & shocking love story. Must watch
#Sairat 4 /5.. Nagraj Manjule gives a huge face-lift to Marathi cinema. Do watch this film, which does have traces of other films. But jolts

Sreedhar Pillai: #Sairat 4/5. Need trimming (2hrs 54 minutes). Has #Kadhal & #Subramaniapuram influences. One of the finest Indian movies released in 2016.
#Sairat 4/5 fabulous music & BGM (#AjayAtul)+ mind blowing camera (#SudhakarReddy), sync with story & milieu All actors awesome #Rinku tops
#Sairat 4/5. Inter-caste romance and its fall out told in a realistic manner with an unconventional terrific hard-hitting climax. Solid film
#Sairat 4/5. Hats off 2 Marathi Dir #NagarajManjule Well crafted solid script,super lead #RinkRajguru #AkashThosar,made like an entertainer

"Sairat" has been written and directed by Nagraj Manjule. The movie stars Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar.

The film, which was reportedly made with Rs. 4 crore, has minted over Rs. 100 crore in India. It has indeed turned out to be an all-time biggest blockbuster of Marathi film industry.