Govert Flint demonstrates his dynamic desk chair
Govert Flint demonstrates his dynamic desk chairLisa Klappe

Sitting for prolonged hours, which one usually does every day in the office, is very harmful and can result in chronic diseases like cardiovascular problems, diabetes or even cancer.

Researchers found that people who sat every day for long hours faced higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Another study said it can increase the odds of metabolic syndrome by 73%.

When people work on a desktop, their only movement at that time is moving the system's mouse. Keeping this in mind, Govert Flint, a Design Academy Eindhoven graduate has invented a dynamic desk chair.

This chair works similar to a mouse, but needs the user's body to be moved for relocating the cursor to other places, move the hands or legs to left or right.

From a distance, it would appear like an alien driving a super computer, but in doing so, the user's entire body will benefit, posture would get better and health-related issues will decline.

To use the dynamic chair, one needs to kick his/her right leg for clicking the mouse. Once the leg is lifted, the sensor installed in the chair will detect the leg movement. To scroll through the pages, the body weight should be shifted from one side to another. Following this, the accelerometers in the chair will detect the pressure, angle of movement and depict it on the screen.

To relate the perfect gesture for each mouse activity, Flint studied ballet dancers and noticed how they interpret exclamation and other feelings through jumping, spinning and other physical gestures and programmed the chair accordingly.

This innovative chair is still in its prototype phase and needs a lot of work before its actual implementation, but one can look forward to an era where people would use desktops while assuming a dancer's posture.

Watch the innovative dynamic chair video below: