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The Divergent Blade car whose chassis is 3D printedDivergent Technologies

After a 3D printed tower in Dubai came to the fore last year, it is now the turn of a 3D-printed car to make waves. A live conceptual prototype of this unit was even showcased at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017). The 3D Printed concept of the automotive, called the Blade, is developed by Divergent Technologies.

Divergent states that 3D printing techniques were exclusively made use of on the Blade's chassis. USP of the Divergent Blade, apart from its 3D printed chassis, is the fact that the car is said to be capable enough of going from 0-60 mph in just a trifle more than 2 seconds.

The Blade's outer body is made of carbon fiber and compressed metal. These elements, claims Divergent, make the car 90% lighter than traditional cars. Also strength and durability are claimed to be incorporated to the Blade dynamically as a result of its lighter outer structure.

Folks at Divergent also state that the Blade would be driven by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), which is known to be environmental-friendly. The car is also driven by a 700HP engine that should do well to harness the CNG-fuel intake.

Estimations about Divergent commercially releasing the Blade into the market are not available. The above prototype unveiled during the CES 2017 is still conceptual and being worked upon. Divergent Technologies is reportedly working with automotive giants such as Peugot to take 3D Printing techniques in automotives to the next level.

[Source: TecnhnoBuffalo].