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Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma's fallout has been getting a lot of attention. While it is believed that Sunil has left The Kapil Sharma Show after his fight with Kapil, All India Bakchod (AIB) is now trying to pull the comedian into their team.

In the latest episode of On Air with AIB, Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya made an open invitation to Sunil, asking him to join the team. The invitation was made in typical AIB style, with a liberal dose of humour and a sideswipe at Kapil.

"Sunil Grover if you are watching this and you want to work with a smart and funny comedy show jahan pe koi bhi mard salwar pehen ke nehi aata, toh please phone karo humko. I promise hum flight pe sirt pillow phenkte hain chappal nehi," Ashish said at the end of the episode.

AIB is looking to cash in on Sunil's huge fan base. It will be interesting to see if Sunil accepts the offer or stick to The Kapil Sharma Show. There are also chances that he might come up with a show of his own.

However, Rohan on behalf of his AIB team later denied having made any offer to Sunil, and said that it was just a joke. "No, that was just a joke at the end of On Air with AIB. Nobody has asked Sunil to be part of AIB. That was just a joke, and everybody has taken it seriously. It's so funny to us. People have gotten so excited about this," Hindustan Times quoted Rohan as saying.

Meanwhile, Sunil took to Twitter and said although he is nervous about his future, he is willing to work with people who acknowledge his efforts.

"My thanks and gratitude for all the love, I am non existent without the love. My public identity is just because of the love you shower. I embrace it. It fills my heart and leaves no place for hate. I just want to surrender myself to good work, good people, who acknowledge my intentions genuinely. And yes am feeling a little lost and nervous too. Don't know what the future holds for me. But thank God my son Mohan is sleeping next to me. As I look at his innocent face, I feel lucky to have such a reason to smile. It reassures me that no matter what tomorrow will be beautiful. New...Yet beautiful", Sunil posted on Twitter.