Notion Ink Launches Android based Safety App ‘imShakti’
Bangalore based technology startup company, Notion Ink today launched an Android based safety app ‘imShakti’Notion Ink

Bangalore-based technology start-up, Notion Ink, launched an Android-based safety app called 'imShakti' on Monday.

"Emergency situations won't give prior notice or hint against a specific gender. It could be women, men, children, senior citizens or patients. In view of the mobile penetration, we contemplated that it would be more relevant to target all mobile users," said Rohan Shravan, founder and CEO of Notion Ink.

"imShakti upholds the underlined endeavour to make the users believe that 'I Am Shakti' and to not be afraid of any situation. This instant service can boost your confidence with the certainty that timely help is on the way. When we are in a panic situation, we don't have time to unlock the phone, look for the application and select that one feature to help you immediately. We are confident that this application will make a significant impact in emergency situations," he added.

Through Notion Ink's mobile app, users can quickly send alerts during an emergency.

He/she has to press the smartphone power button five times (within two seconds) to initiate the app. Once activated, imShakti will shoot emergency SMSes containing the user's geo-location data to a group of pre-designated contacts.

Users can customise the SMS option as well. For instance, if the user is not in a hurry or has no access to the internet, they can type in the location details.

The SMS system has an inbuilt system of check boxes with customised texts like - 'Don't call back', 'not safe', 'Pick me up', 'will wait here', or 'I'm very low on battery'.

The 'imShakti' app is currently available for download at 'Google Play' store. It is 501KB in size and works on any Android phone running on OS v2.2 and other newer versions. [To download 'imShakti' app, click here]