After being vehemently criticised for his recent comment on "rising intolerance" in India, Aamir Khan has reportedly asked his wife Kiran Rao and their child to leave Mumbai for a few days.

In the wake of ongoing protests against Aamir's remark and his posters being burnt, the superstar is reportedly worried about the safety of his family and thus, has asked his wife and child to be out of Mumbai temporarily.

"Aamir has asked Kiran to leave Mumbai for 2-3 days since he has been worried about her safety. They have decided not to talk further on the issue. The actor feels that he has already expressed his opinion on the matter and has nothing to clarify," Hindustan Times has quoted a source as saying.

Aamir came to controversy after saying that the "rising intolerance" in the country has prompted his wife Kiran to consider leaving India as she fears for the safety of their child.

This comment was followed by a series of anti-Aamir reactions and the actor was severely criticised on the social media. Moreover, there are reports of protests outside his residence in Mumbai and members of Hindu groups burning Aamir's posters.

Several Bollywood celebrities also took to Twitter to express their disagreement with the actor's statement. However, there were a few who extended support towards Aamir. 

Meanwhile, a police complaint has also been lodged in the capital city against Aamir on charges of triggering fear among the masses.