Sandy Master
Sandy and Tharshan in Bigg Boss Tamil.Twitter

Sandy Master may have been one of the biggest entertainers in the third season of Bigg Boss Tamil 3, but his acts in the last couple of weeks have not gone well with the audience of the show. The result is people want him to be evicted from the Kamal Haasan-hosted show this week.

The International Business Times, like every week, had conducted a poll with the title - Who among the 4 contestants should be eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 3 in week 9? Apart from Sandy, Cheran, Kasturi and Tharshan are also in the danger zone.

In the poll, which had the participation of over 1000s of our readers, Sandy has got the maximum percentage of (36.39%) of votes for this week's elimination. Cheran has come distant second by garnering 26.93 percentage of votes.

Cheran's genuine talk with Losliya and Kavin in Thursday's episode seems to had a positive impact on the audience. So, he is likely to be safe, if we go by the poll.

Surprisingly, Tharshan, who is considered to be one of the hot favourites to win the third season of Bigg Boss Tamil, has got 23.04 percent of votes. His teaming up with Sandy and Kavin have apparently earned the wrath of the audience.

Meanwhile, Kasturi Shankar, who was expected to be out of the show at the start of the week has got 13.65 percentage of votes for her survival in Kamal Haasan's show.

However, there are times when the poll results have gone wrong and surprising outcomes have emerged on Bigg Boss Tamil show. It is because the channel asks the audience to 'save' their favourite contestants (and doesn't ask whom they want to eliminate) and give 50 votes per day which the audience can cast for one person or divide among their favourite contestants.