Have you heard of the name Michel de Nostredame, popularly known as Nostradamus? Nostradamus was famous for his prophetic predictions and many around the world have credited him for predicting major world events much after his death. He also wrote a book called Les Propheties or The Prophecies which was published in the year 1555, which contains precognitions of major world events.

Nostradamus did not just stop at world events, though. Believe it or not, Nostradamus predicted all of Manchester United's key signings in the summer transfer window of 2015, 460 years ago!

Eerie isn't it? Initially one might be forced to think how can a Frenchman, who died almost 450 years ago, predict Manchester United's transfer activities of 2015? To be honest, it is quite difficult to believe until one reads certain excerpts from his book "The Prophecies".

Take a close look at these prophecies by Nostradamus on the Manchester United transfers in this summer transfer window:

Memphis Depay

The old roads will all be improved,

One will proceed on them to the modern Memphis:

The great Mercury of Hercules fleur-de-lis,

Causing to tremble lands, sea and country.

Nostradamus doesn't say anything other than the name Memphis but there's more to it. 

Bastian Schweinsteiger

After there will come from the outermost countries

A German prince, upon the golden throne

German Prince, Golden Throne, aren't you guys getting the point this Frenchman made in his book?

Morgan Schneiderlin

The cardinal of France will arrive

Robin Van Persie and David De Gea 

Once the treacherous deed of Robin,

Shall cause Lords and a Great Prince much trouble,

Known as the End, his head shall be sliced off.

The feather in the wind, female friend to Spain,

The messenger trapped while in the country,

And the scribe shall throw himself into the waters.

Dear of dear, Van Persie left Arsenal for the Red Devils and then he parted ways with Old Trafford and joined Fenerbahce! Reference to De Gea's failure to move to Madrid and his girlfriend who is in Spain!

Anthony Martial and Sergio Romero

His army to enter the greatest depth,

Genoa and Monaco will drive back the red fleet

Anthony Martial and his expensive move to United just before the summer transfer window closed its doors! On 22 August 2011, Romero signed a four year contract with UC Sampdoria worth €2.1 million. And guess what, Sampdoria is a club in Genoa!

Matteo Darmian and Rafael

In Turin the first ones will be burned,

when Lyons will be transported with grief.

Matteo Darmian arrived from Torino and Rafael was sold to Lyon in this transfer window.

By now, surely you all are probably wondering how on earth this is possible?

We did not have to dig deep into Nostradamus's The Prophecies but this Reddit User has done it all for us.