The Indian couple, accused of allegedly abusing their 7-year-old son, was convicted of criminal charges by a court in Norway on Tuesday.

The child's father Chandrasekhar Vallabhaneni, a software professional from Andhra Pradesh, was sentenced to 18 months in prison. His mother Anupama was given a 15-month sentence, NDTV reported.

The prosecution were said to be sought for a longer sentence for the couple in the wake of recent police reports that pointed to scars and burn marks on the child's body. Norway authorities alleged that the couple used violence and threats to intimidate the child.  

"They are facing child abuse case and are charged with gross or repeated maltreatment of their child/children by threats, violence or other wrong, under section 219," Kurt Lir, Head of Prosecution, Oslo Police Department, reported Zee News.

 Reports pointed out that the child faced behavioural problems and his parents were seeking help for their son but was refused support. The issue cropped up in February after the child complained to his school teachers of his parents threatening him to send him back to India when he had wet his pants. The couple denied all charges and were arrested last week.  

Citing the dispute as a matter concerning local laws of another country, the Indian government has refused to step into the matter but is in touch with the couple's lawyer in Oslo.