The Norway children custody case has taken yet another twist with NRI couple Anurup and Sagarika Bhattacharya signing an agreement which allows the paternal uncle to have the custody of their children, Abhigyan and Aishwarya.

The couple, who has complicated their children's custody case by accusing each other of marital violence, has finally agreed to solve their differences.

"I do not want to comment. The uncle will get the children because I have agreed to it. The children will be coming to India," CNN IBN quoted Sagarika as saying.

Svein Kjetil Svendsen, the lawyer of the NRI couple, said that the agreement would be presented to the Child Welfare Service.

"The important thing is to clarify with the Child Welfare Service if this agreement is accepted and that they believe that the parents and the uncle really want this agreement which they have signed. At this time it's very uncertain when the children will come back to India," said Svendsen.

The Child Welfare Services had earlier decided not to hand over the kids to their uncle following the change of position by the parents and uncle of the kids. It is of the opinion that the kids could turn into a bone of contention even if the family comes to an agreement.

The uncle, who is now seeking the custody of the kids, had earlier refused to accept them on hearing the marital discord of their parents.

Anurup Bhattacharya, the father of the two children, had also reportedly accused his wife of marital violence. He alleged that she had psychological problems and had assaulted him and the children. However, in a volte face, he denied having any marital problems and blamed the media of distorting the truth. As if that's not enough, the mother of the kids also acussed her husband of harassment.

Minister of State for External Affairs Praneet Kaur hinted that the Indian government might back off from the case if the parents actually have marital problems, as reported by some sections of the media.