North Korea Suffers Second Internet Outage
North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong-unReuters

In what has been termed as another round of horrific execution following the killing of Dictator Kim Jong-un's own uncle Jang Song-teak, one official was reportedly burnt alive in North Korea.

South Korean media are reporting citing undisclosed sources that the notorious North Korean regime has not only shut down the Workers Party department, which was once headed by purged uncle of Kim, but it has also executed or interned 11 high-ranking officials.

One of them was burned alive, South Korean Chosen Ilbo newspaper said citing its source.

The source revealed that the regime is preparing a third round of purge of officials who supported Jang, whom North Korea executed late last year citing bizarre reasons such as doing drugs, womanizing or 'clapping halfheartedly' for the Supreme Leader.

The first purge involved Jang's family, relatives and high-ranking party officials, while the second purge is said to be underway. North Korea is awaiting third round of mass execution which will target Jang's supporters in provincial chapters of the Workers Party.

The source told the paper that Jang's elder sister Kye-sun and her husband and ambassador to Cuba Jon Yong-jin, as well as their son-in-law Kim Yong-ho have been executed. The ambassador to Malaysia Jang Yong-chol, Jang's nephew escaped, the paper reported.

The man singled out to be burned alive was O Sang-hon, a senior figure in the Country's public security ministry who was accused of turning his department into a personal protection squad for Jang. He was "executed by flamethrower", the source told the paper.

The person to be burnt alive had managed a bureau in the ministry as his personal security service and raised its status to the same rank as officials guarding leader Kim Jong-un, the report suggested.

Kim Jong-un was recently re-elected to his seat in the parliament by what was dubbed as '100 percent votes' from all eligible voters in his constituency. But it is known only too well, to the rest of the world that the election was simply an eye-wash or it perhaps never happened.

Very little is known about what goes on in North Korea, a reclusive and isolated communist nation often considered to be the most controversial among all countries in the world.

While Wednesday's report cannot be independently verified, it is however, not the first time that bizarre and horrifying methods of execution were reported in the country. 

(Edited by Anu James)