North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's beautiful sister, Yeo-jong has reportedly married a senior official within the regime.
North Korea's state media has revealed the official title of Kim Jong-un's little sister, as the vice director of the ruling Workers' Party.Reuters

North Korea's state media recently revealed the official title of Kim Jong-un's little sistermaking it clear that the young woman, who has been in the spotlight in the hermit kingdom's political developments, has assumed a senior position in the Ruling Workers' Party.

Kim Yo-jong, believed to be around 26 or 27, was widely tipped to become an influential aide to the young leader of the reclusive nation. She was previously only named as a party official, but was rumoured to have a managerial role in her brother's government.

The North Korean mouthpiece and official KCNA news agency identified her as the vice director of a department within the powerful Central Committee of the ruling Workers' Party in an official release, South Korean Yonhap News agency notes.

The formal confirmation came amid growing speculations over her political role in the communist regime's structure.

KCNA noted that she was among Kim's entourage when he visited an animation studio in Pyongyang. Those who accompanied the supreme leader included "vice department directors Kim Yo-jong and Kim Ui-son of the Workers' Party of Korea Central Committee," it said.

Another female high profile political face of North Korea was Kim Kyong Hui, the sister of late leader Kim Jong II. She held senior military and Party positions within the government, but has not been seen since her husband, Jang Song Thaek, was executed a year ago.

Both Kim Jong-un, 31, and his sister were born to Ko Yong-hui, known as the fourth wife of late leader Kim Jong-il, the Yonhap News agency notes.

They attended the same boarding school in Switzerland. Kim Jong Un also has a half-brother and three half-sisters.