The Pakistani government rejected Sunday allegations made by India that it is instigating the prevailing communal uneasiness in the subcontinent.

Pakistan's high commission (embassy) in India denied the charges and said that such remarks would add to existent indifferences between the two adversaries.

"Instead of indulging in mud-slinging and blame game, it's time for India to address its internal issues. Such comments only widen the trust deficit," a source in the Pakistan high commission told IANS.

The communal tensions in North-East India took a dramatic turn after Home Secretary R.K. Singh on Saturday blamed Pakistan for the mass exodus of North-East people from south and west India this week.

Singh also confirmed that Indian officials would take up the issue with their Pakistani counterparts. The home secretary said the instigators used doctored images and video clips in a bid to incite communal fear across the nation.

The home secretary said photos of people who died in natural calamities were falsely presented as victims of the recent Myanmar violence, as a means to trigger panic among North-East communities.

About 76 websites containing the inflammatory material were blocked, said Singh, adding that officials were working to block another 34 websites for spreading of the rumours. A majority of morphed images were said to have been uploaded from Pakistan.

Knowing that Pakistan would deny the allegations, Singh said Indian officials would counter arguments with evidence gathered by the Intelligence Bureau about the origin of the images and clips.

Since Wednesday, North-East migrants residing in different parts of the country began fleeing major metropolises fearing retaliatory attacks against their communities. The Bodos and Muslim communities in Assam were engaged in severe ethnic clashes, which have killed about 80 people and rendered 400,000 others homeless.