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Norman Reedus' character Daryl Dixon suffered a heartbreak in the previous season of "The Walking Dead" when good friend Beth was killed right in front of him.

And in the upcoming season too, Daryl's mental state isn't too great, actor Reedus told the Nerdist. Previewing what's in store for Daryl in season 6 of the zombie apocalypse drama, Reedus said Daryl is still in a complicated state of mind and noted that he was just hanging by a thread.

"He's sort of in wild-animal mode at the moment. He trusts just those close people around him, and he's put into situations, like we all are on the show, that really call for you to put it out there, whether you trust people or don't trust peopleā€¦ I don't know. You take a lot of wild animals and you put them in a domestic situation, and there's a lot of people biting at each other.

"Daryl's one of those people. He's a very quiet person, and if he snaps he really snaps. So he's kind of hanging by a thread as far as what he thinks of these people around him right now," Reedus added.

Besides a lot of action, season 6 will also be high on drama and the story-lines will be interwoven with the past and the future. Calling season 6 thrilling, Reedus said fans will be surprised by certain incidents that happens in the upcoming season.

The trailer for season 6, which premiered at San Diego Comic-Con, showed Daryl in trouble. His hands are bound and an unknown man was shown pointing a gun to his head.

And Reedus confirmed that his character was in a lot of trouble. "He's in a lot of trouble. I won't lie, he's in some trouble," Norman told Access Hollywood.

The trailer also showed that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Daryl will be on opposite sides when the season returns. At one point Rick is heard saying: "These people, they gotta take care of themselves," before asking Daryl: "Feel different about it?"

"Yeah, I do," Daryl responds, indicating that the two lead characters do not agree on how to govern the people of Alexandria Safe Zone.