Non-IT sectors have the opportunity to become a bigger employer for women in India, reveals AVTAR Group's annual research report VIEWPORT 2017.

The survey was conducted among 25 large firms and 250 senior women leaders to find out the important factors that can help address the challenges against the increased participation of women in the workforce in India.

AVTAR specialises in the inclusion of diversity and workplace.

The report pointed out that the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) hiring rates of women at the entry levels is 21% lower than IT/ITES while in the pharmaceuticals it is 11% lower than IT/ITES.

The SUPTHAA (Survive, Urgency, Prospecting, Target Decision Makers, Hearing, Authoritativeness and Approval) Competency Model emerged as a result of the study could be used to address the challenges regarding the same by shaping the gender diversity and challenging the stereotypes of women entering sales.

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