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Nokia’s Rumored Tablet Named as Lumia 2520.Reuters

It's been less than a month since Nokia unveiled its biggest smartphone Lumia 625, and now the Finnish handset maker is reportedly working on much larger 6.0-inch phablet.

Technology website The Verge citing people familiar with Nokia plans has revealed that the company is testing a big 6.0-inch smartphone codenamed 'Bandit' under the yet to released new Windows Phone 8 OS GDR3 update version. The rumoured device is said to be sport a slim and light-weight body made of polycarbonate material and get unveiled later this year.

The main USP of the upcoming phablet is that it would flaunt a full HD 1080p display, quad-core processor and a 20.0-megapixel camera on its rear side. The phone's back-side is said to sport a small hump on it to accommodate the large camera component as seen on the Nokia's premium flagship metal-clad Lumia 925 model.

Once the new Windows Phone GDR3 update gets official, Nokia is expected to roll out more high-end devices sporting full HD display and quad-core chipsets, said the website.

Apart from the above two features, the new update is said to bring in changes to the user-interface, wherein users can place three medium-sized tiles in a row. Other features include rotation lock and driving mode options, which get turned on once the smartphone is connected to a car via Bluetooth device. It can reject phone call and SMS with auto reply back. The new update is expected to be released to all Lumia phones powered by Windows Phone 8 OS by mid-September.