Nokia job cuts: Finnish company is cutting thousands of jobs globally
Nokia job cuts: Finnish company is cutting thousands of jobs globallyReuters

Nokia is reportedly working on a new mid-range smartphone after its contract with Microsoft to launch a new smartphone under its brand in 2016 has concluded. The Finnish maker's new handset, which is said to be called as Nokia A1 at launch, is likely to run on a forked version of Android.

Details of the unannounced Nokia A1 were leaked last year by Android Authority, which revealed the handset's possible design and some key features. According to the report, the A1 smartphone appears to be running Nokia's own Z launcher as the interface is nothing like stock Android or Windows Phone OS.

Nokia first showed off its Z Launcher in its N1 tablet, which was launched in select markets in 2014. During its brief availability in China, Taiwan and European countries, the tablet was well-received and sold impressively. In China alone, Nokia sold 20,000 units of its aluminium-clad N1 tablet in just four minutes.

As for the leaked Nokia A1, sources told Android Authority that the mid-range smartphone would start getting shipped sometime in summer this year. The source further revealed that the handset might have a 5.5-inch Full HD 1080p display and run on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 652 processor and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The Nokia A1 is likely to sport a polycarbonate body with a textured plastic back and ultra-slim bezels. There is no resemblance with the Lumia series, which is now patented by Microsoft after it acquired Nokia's Devices and Services in 2013. At the time of acquisition, Microsoft had an agreement with the Finnish smartphone brand that did not allow Nokia to make smartphones until 2016. So the new leak may bear some truth regarding the real deal.

The report further suggests the new Nokia A1 could be targeted mainly towards the Chinese audience. Nokia or Microsoft hasn't commented on the matter yet.