The new version of Nokia Maps app has an array of navigational features to help people get around a busy city.

Nokia has updated its flagship Nokia Maps with new data along with offline navigation assistance for Windows 8-based Nokia phones.

The latest Nokia Maps version 3.09 features an updated route planner which allows users to plan their route by adding points to the map. It even lets users save the custom-made route plan in the handset.

An interesting feature of the update app is that users can open the saved route plan and still get voice navigation assistance without having to connect to the Internet.

The Nokia Maps app also features voice-guided pedestrian navigation for users who prefer to walk around the city.

It has a transport and transit mode where people can locate the nearest bus, train station, routes and timings.

The app will also update live on-road traffic along with real-time weather status so that users can plan travelling routes in advance.

It also provides Venue maps. One can enter a shopping mall, type in the key word and the app will list the shop number, level and other details.

The new Nokia Maps 3.09 will also feature Groupon Now. This amazing feature notifies users with discounts and e-gift coupons offered by restaurants and other shops in the city.

Nokia Maps' features like transport mode and venue maps are available in more than 95 cities across the world including a few cities in India. It also supports more than 50 languages around the world.

Nokia's new Lumia 820 and 920 models are expected to come with updated version of Nokia Maps.

Other high-end Nokia phone users can download the new Nokia Maps version 3.09 for free on Windows and Nokia websites.

Windows phone 8 users must use their Nokia phone to directly download the Maps 3.09 app from the Windows website.

To save new street maps to your phone:

Users have to first open the 'Maps app' and then select 'map loader' option.

To download new maps

1.    Select 'Add new maps'.

2.    Select a 'continent' and a 'country', and then select 'Download'.

To update maps:

Select 'Check for updates' option.

Download the update and then close the Maps app. Open the app again to complete the installation of new maps.

Once the updated map is installed, users can navigate around the city with voice guided assistance without connecting to Internet. 

To remove a map:

Select and hold a 'country' or a 'place' tag on the map. An option will pop up asking you to 'confirm'.

Non -Windows Nokia phone users must install 'Nokia Maps suite 2.0' in their device in order to install Maps 3.09 app.

For more information regarding installation users can go to the Nokia website.

Standard data charges will apply if the app is downloaded through the carrier network.