After Nokia 6 smartphone; Nokia could launch exclusive PDA to counter Cortana and SiriReuters

Nokia, now under HMD Global, which is back to making headlines with its Nokia 6 Android smartphone, could now come out with an exclusive personal digital assistant (PDA). This PDA has also got a name, and as per new reports, this may be called Viki.

If latest reports are anything to go by, then Nokia's Viki should stand directly against Microsoft's Cortana, Google Now, Apple Siri and the Amazon Alexa.

It also seems that Nokia has applied for a trademark to create 'software for monitoring web and mobile digital assistants working with knowledge and combining all data sources into a single chat and voice based interface'. However, other details with respect to the reported Nokia PDA are yet to even surface at this point in time.

At this juncture, a key fact that is clear visible is that the PDA ecosystem is already overpopulated by current incumbents. Also, Samsung is rumoured to be introducing its own digital assistant in the near future; therefore, Nokia's purported Viki should naturally come under some tough competition from already existing players.

In related developments, Nokia's newest smartphone (branded by HMD Global) called the Nokia 6 has witnessed as many as 250,000 registrations (for a flash sale) within 24 hours of its launch. Here, it is worth noting that Nokia 6 had elicited mixed opinions across the world.

The phone has been compared with other Chinese brand smartphones with respect to its technical specifications and design. Interestingly, some comparisons even went to the extent of juxtaposing Nokia 6 with certain LeEco (including some Coolpad devices) handsets to find out which one fared better.

The chances of Nokia 6 entering the Indian market are slim. Be that as it may, doesn't the handset at least deserve a proper real world test? Xiaomi-which is now posing a threat to locally made smartphones in India - is a case in point. Xiaomi, an unknown brand then, has been put through the paces before it became a success. Now, despite mixed reviews, it seems that the Nokia 6 will also turn out to be popular.

Nokia loyalists can register for the flash sale at China's JD official portal. The price of Nokia 6 is around $250 (after conversion from Chinese Yuan currency).

[Source: The Indian Express, GSMInfo (translated)].