Nokia 6.1 Plus has proven its worth in India despite being launched months after its original release in China. The handset's first flash sale in the country is proof that the smartphone is well-liked by consumers and critics have already praised the Nokia 6.1 Plus for its incredible value for money. But the early success of the Nokia smartphone is followed by some grief.

After selling 27,000 units in 3 minutes during the first sale on Flipkart, Nokia 6.1 Plus will be available next on September 6. But those who already bought the handset received their first software update notification, which includes August security patch. Being an Android One smartphone, the handset is entitled to receive monthly security updates alongside bug fixes from HMD Global.

While it seemed harmless to upgrade the Nokia 6.1 Plus to the latest software, which mentioned "improved system stability" and "update Google security patch 2018-08" as the only changes to the device, users were surprised to see a useful setting stripped off the device. Several media reports have confirmed that the latest software update removes the ability to hide the notch on the Nokia 6.1 Plus.

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Nokia 6.1 PlusNokia Power User blog (screen-shot)

Even though more and more smartphones are embracing the notch display for higher screen-to-body ratio and it no longer seems odd, having an option within users' reach to hide the notch is quite reasonable. The setting allows users to fill the gap on either side of the notch with black shade, which makes it look like there's no notch.

Nokia 6.1 Plus came with the setting to hide the notch out-of-the-box, but stripping the feature in the latest software update raises questions on why the company would do it in the first place. There's no clarity on whether the change is a deliberate one or in error, and if it is the latter then users need not worry as a fix is likely to arrive soon.

Until then, users who had the setting to hide the notch turned on must keep the notch active. But it is in no way a deal breaker for those who are planning to buy the smartphone in the next flash sale. Stay tuned for updates.