HMD Global, which owns the Nokia brand, announced the release of two new feature phones – Nokia 105 and Nokia 130 – on Monday. With refreshed design and features, both the phones come with 1.8-inch colour screens and LED torch lights.

It was in 2013 when the first Nokia 105 model entered the market. Two years later, Microsoft re-released the feature phone under a slightly different moniker, Nokia 105 (2015).

The new Nokia 105

Nokia 105
The all new Nokia 105Nokia

Now, its HMD Global's turn to re-introduce the handset to the market, and the company has announced it as "the all new Nokia 105." However, apart from a modified look and the larger 1.8-inch display, the new Nokia 105 doesn't offer anything new over its predecessors, which featured 1.45-inch and 1.4-inch screens, respectively.

The new Nokia 105 (2017) comes with 4MB RAM and 4MB ROM, along with a removable 800 mAh battery, which is expected to offer up to 15 hours of talk time and a month long standby. The phone also features an FM radio, a 3.5mm audio jack and micro-USB 2.0 ports.

The new Nokia 105 runs on Nokia Series 30+ platform, and comes preloaded with the popular Snake Xenzia game. The phone has enough storage space for up to 500 text messages and up to 2,000 contacts, and is available in dual and Single SIM variants.

Nokia 130

Nokia 130
The new Nokia 130Nokia

With the new Nokia 130 (2017), the company is trying to lure entertainment lovers. The phone comes with 44 hours of FM radio playback time and room for thousands of songs thanks to its MicroSD card storage, which is expandable up to 32GB.

The new Nokia 130 features 4MB RAM and 8MB ROM. It sports a removable 1020 mAh battery, an inbuilt camera, Bluetooth support, a 3.5mm audio jack and micro-USB 2.0 ports.

Like the Nokia 105, it also runs on Nokia Series 30+ operating system, and is available in single and dual-SIM variants.

Price & Availability

Retailing at a global average price of $14.50 for the single SIM variant and $15 for the dual SIM variant, excluding taxes and subsidies, the Nokia 105 will be available in blue, white and black, according to HMD Global.

The new Nokia 105 will be available at retail stores in India from July 19 at Rs. 999 for the single SIM variant and Rs. 1,149 for the dual-SIM variant.

The Nokia 130, on the other hand, will be available in red, grey and black for a global average price of $21.50 excluding taxes and subsidies. The India price and availability for the handset is yet to be announced.

Here're the full specs of Nokia 105 and Nokia 130:

Specs Nokia 105 Nokia 130
Display 1.8-inch QQVGA 1.8-inch QQVGA
Size 112.0 x 49.5 x 14.4mm 111.5x48.4x14.2mm
Colours Black, Blue, White Red, Grey, Black
OS Nokia Series 30+ Nokia Series 30+
Storage 4MB ROM 8MB ROM, microSD-slot (up to 32GB support)
Connectivity Micro USB (USB 2.0), 3.5mm AHJ Micro USB (USB 2.0), 3.5mm AHJ, BT v3.0
Networks GSM 900/1800 (EU), 850/1900 (US) GSM 900/1800 (EU)
Battery 800 mAh 1020 mAh