Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan Reuters

Vidya Balan may take on varied and unconventional roles in films. But when it comes to her wardrobe choice, the actress has always stuck to her six-yard look at major public events

This time again, Vidya said she will show up in a sari at the 66th Cannes Film festival.

"I see myself in a sari even when I am sleeping. So you will see me in a sari in Cannes," she told Press Trust of India.

Though one cannot deny how talented the lady is, Vidya's repeated appearances in saris with her deep cut blouses are disappointing the paparazzi who hope for a pleasant change in her wardrobe.

The actress, who will be attending the Cannes Film festival as a special jury member, is also least bothered about making a fashion statement at the event and is just ecstatic to be present among the laurels of world cinema.

"What makes me too much happy is to get that opportunity to watch films from all over the world and to be able to interact with various team jury. Beyond that while I am going to be at Cannes, the most celebrated festival of the world, I am not thinking so much of my wardrobe," said the actress.

A Cannes invitation is undoubtedly a feather in her hat, but her fashion disaster days when she stood out with those ill fitting and totally-not-her type costumes can still not be ignored.

Vidya might play it safe (boring) with a sari once again at the international event, but we still wonder what Vidya's favourite designer Sabyasachi might hold out for her.

Even if Vidya's look be given a miss, Bollywood's own fashion icon Sonam Kapoor is sure to make an impression at the festival, like her debut last year. Not to leave any room for criticism, we sure hope Vidya would take some sincere lessons from Sonam, who will be attending the event as ambassador for L'Oreal.