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There's a bad news in store for non-vegetarians out there. Nearly half of Domino's Pizza outlets in India will serve only vegetarian food for all the nine days of the Navratri festival.

The fast-food chain has made the move considering the loss that it suffers during the festival dedicated to the worship of Hindu goddess Durga. The move also aims to recover the loss that Domino's has been incurring since the last two years, Economic Times reported.

According to reports, around 500 Domino's Pizza outlets in the northern, central and certain parts of western India will not serve non-vegetarian dishes during the nine days.

"Consumption of non-vegetarian food reduces significantly during this time. This move is an acknowledgement that though we are a global brand, we are conscious about consumer needs. It's about making a statement to consumers," Domino's Pizza India President Dev Amritesh said.

The fast-food chain has also planned to prepare a specialised menu considering the festival in mind. Consumers can find pizza bases made from singhara atta (water chestnut floor), saabudana (Sago) crispies and dumplings in the menu this Navratri.

People who observe fasts during Navratri consume food products made out of singhaara, sabudana and potatoes. Reports state that the special preparations, including cheese and sauces, will have rock salt instead of the regular table salt. Vegetables like garlic and onion will not be used in these food products either.