Cat Grant has finally uncovered the true identity of "Supergirl" by putting together information piece by piece like the true journalist that she is. However, this major reveal came in "Hostile Takeover" aka the winter finale of "Supergirl" season 1, meaning we need to wait for a few weeks to see how the Cat-Kara dynamic changes now that the Catco CEO knows about her secret identity.

Although the reveal was brilliant in that it acknowledged Cat's (Calista Flockhart) intelligence, we are not ready to bite the bait yet. Fans of superhero shows like "The Flash" and "Smallville" know how writers have a habit of revoking the knowledge of superhero identities with time travel and amnesia.

Especially now that the man pretending to be Hank Henshaw (David Harewood) has been revealed to be J'onn Jonzz aka the Martian Manhunter, we have reason to believe he may just erase this bit of knowledge form Cat's memory. However, to be fair to the writers and show runners, the storyline of "Supergirl" has remained organic and unapologetic so far, so they might keep Cat in the light after all.

Regardless, Cat and Kara have been getting closer on a personal level, with Cat even revealing her darkest secret to her assistant in "Hostile Takeover". When Cat's secrets got exposed after her accounts got hacked, she reveals to Kara that she has a son that she gave up, because he would have been better off without her.

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In the episode we saw how Kara took Cat's words to make peace with her mother's decision to send her alone from her home planet of Krypton to earth. Kara on the other hand, explained to Cat how a child who was given up, feels.

This works as a backdoor for the debut of Melissa Benoist's husband Blake Jenner in to "Supergirl". As Adam Foster, Jenner will be a love interest for Kara, along with being the oldest son to Cat Grant. Seeing as the title of Season 1 Episode 10 is "Blood Bonds", he might make his entry in the mid-season premiere, which will be aired on Monday, 4 January.

Ahead of that, do not forget to check back here for more "Supergirl" updates and spoilers.