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In the upcoming episode titled "Fland Canyon" of Fox's "The Simpsons" Season 27, Homer will recall the incidents of a vacation when the Simpsons family and Flanders family had visited the Grand Canyon together.

Instead of airing on April 17, Episode 19 of "The Simpsons" Season 27 will now air on April 24.

The synopsis of the episode, as stated by, reads: "Homer recalls a dysfunctional Simpson-family vacation to the Grand Canyon with the practically perfect Flanders family that turned into a memorable bonding experience."

The synopsis of the episode hasn't revealed whether the experience was a good one or a bad one. However, given the history of Homer with the Flanders, there is a significant possibility that the vacation must have been troublesome for Flanders.

What memorable experiences Homer recalled of the vacation and whether he will plan another one with the Flanders or not, will be seen only one the episode airs on April 17.

In the previous episode titled "How Lisa Got Her Marge Back," Bart bought a Money Grabber, a device to pull away dollar bills and trick people. However, everyone realised that it was one of Bart's pranks, and after that, Bart was pranked by another group. Later, he tried to pull a prank on Ralph, but even he expected his pranks.

At breakfast, Lisa tried to show Homer and Marge her new saxophone solo, but Homer left for work and Lisa played for Marge. Later that day, she tried to play for her parents again.

When Lisa went to her bedroom to fix one of her reeds, Marge confessed to Homer that she hates jazz, even when Lisa plays it. Unfortunately, Lisa heard her confession and confronted her mother, avoiding her hugs and calling her "Marjorie".

Marge decided to take Lisa on a trip to Capital City to cheer her up. However, Marge's attempts to bond with Lisa irritated her even more, to the point where she stopped wearing her pearl necklace.