"Modern Family" Season 7 is going on yet another break, and will not air a new episode on Wednesday, 13 January. The upcoming Season 7 Episode 12, titled "Thunk in the Trunk", will instead be aired on Wednesday, 17 February.

The upcoming episode is said to feature guest star Tina Arning, best known as Angelina in "Everybody Loves Raymond" and Sasha Green on "The Young and the Restless". Other than the fact that she will appear in the Dunphys' storyline, the details of her role are still unclear. However, considering the Indy Award-winning actress' talent, we can hope for one hilarious performance.

In the previous episode, the Dunphys had a great arc, with Claire (Julie Bowen) learning why her husband loved the annoying ducks in their house so much and Phil (Ty Burrell) learning how to let go. Meanwhile, their youngest daughter Alex (Ariel Winter) was struggling with a very important decision.

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Although Alex tried giving her college the best, she did not enjoy living in the dorms and informed her father she had no interesting in staying there. From the next semester Alex was planning on commuting from home. When Phil tried to understand Alex's decision, she got very defensive, and asked her father if he did not think she was capable of making this decision.

Phil revealed to her if she said she had given it her all, he believed her. However, he got her a gift that would allow her to loosen up and take one more shot at trying to enjoy being at college.

Claire found out that the personalities of the three ducks in their house are similar to that of their children Haley (Sarah Hyland), Alex and Luke (Nolan Gould), and that is why her husband loved them so much. However, Phil learnt he needed to let go, that his little girl was growing up, and he also needs to let go of his beloved ducks.

Meanwhile, the writers seem to be taking a break from the Haley-Andy storyline, and that's why there has been no update on their romance since it became public in the Christmas special episode.