The season finale of BBC One's "Luther" seemingly marked the end of the series. However, it seems the fans might get to watch another season of their favourite series.

Though there has been no official confirmation regarding Idris Elba's return as John Luther, show creator Neil Cross might be interested in giving the series a final season, or if possible, take it to the big screen as a feature film, marking one last appearance of Idris Elba as the eponymous "Luther."

However, whether the series makes its way to movie theatres depends on a number of factors, like public interest ratings and convincing a studio that people would be willing to pay for the film, while keeping their excitement intact.

"Luther" the film might turn into a reality sooner than expected, as Idris Elba is a prominent Hollywood star right now, who has played various roles in movies like "Thor" and "Pacific Rim", which received positive response from both fans and critics.

A few months ago, there were rumours regarding Elba playing next James Bond. Though it didn't turn out to be true, a "Luther" movie would definitely be the next best thing for fans.

The finale episode of Season 4 might have hinted at some clues about how the movie could be. It is a mystery why the show's creators decided to cramp the full season in just two episodes instead of the usual four, and it seems it has something to do with creating a base for the potential movie.

Even though a next season or a movie might happen, it is not going to take place anytime soon. Just like "Sherlock", starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, one reason why the show has garnered this much popularity is because the main cast is not compelled to appear in several episodes in a year, unlike most of the shows. They do a few episodes without any time constraints, which allows them to come out with their full potential, hence maintaining the charm of the show.