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After an exciting episode 19, "A Dog's Breakfast," on March 22, CBS will not air any new episode of "Limitless" this Tuesday. The network has reportedly announced that it will not be airing Season 2 episode 20, "Hi, My Name Is Rebecca Harris" as per schedule on March 29. The fans can now expect to watch the next new episode only on April 5.

In episode 19, we saw the return of Bradley Cooper as Senator Edward Morra. He reached out to Brian, who was placed under surveillance by both the FBI and by Sands. The episode showed Brian solving a case of a man who was murdered and had his kidney stolen.

Meanwhile, Sands got to Piper before Brian could, and acquired her supply of the enzyme. Brian came clean about Piper to Senator Morra, who tells him that Sands has gone AWOL.

Now, CBS has released the plot synopsis for the upcoming episode and going by what it suggests, it looks like Agent Rebecca is going all out to do anything to seek justice for her father's murder. In fact, she is expected to take a shot of NZT for the very first time.

Though, no promo clip has been released for episode 20, but taking it from the previous episode buildup, it looks like Morra will be missing from action in the next episode, even as his fixer Sands will make a risky move against Brian.

Plot synopsis of episode 20 (via reads: "Rebecca takes NZT for the first time to see justice for her father's murder. To ensure success of his new plan, Sands makes a risky move against Brian."

"Limitless" Season 1 will return with episode 20, "Hi, My Name Is Rebecca Harris," on April 5, 2016. For more information on the upcoming episode and live-streaming details, don't forget to check back here.