"Jane The Virgin" season 2 episode 8, titled "Chapter Thirty", was aired on 14 December, before it went on a mid-season break. The CW will not be airing episode 9, titled "Chapter Thirty-One", as per schedule on Monday, 21 December. The fans can expect to catch the episode only when it returns on 25 January, 2016.

Last week, in episode 8, we saw how Jane and Rafael were at odds as she discovered that he set up her ex-fiance Michael and got him fired from his job. However, towards the end of the mid season finale, the couple was able to make peace after they attended a counselling session and vented out their issues with each other. But in between all this, it came out very clear that Jane still has strong feelings for Michael.

No new "Jane The Virgin" episode will be aired until late January 2016. And now, though the network hasn't released any official synopsis for the mid-season premiere yet, the promo teases that there will be a lot more drama for Jane and her family. According to various reports, when "Jane the Virgin" season 2 returns with episode 9, it will not only be packed with some juicy revelations about Jane love life and wedding, but also about her grandfather.

The trailer clip shows that Jane will discover that her grandfather is gay, after her grandmother reveals to her: "Your grandfather is gay and he left me for a man."

Meanwhile, it is also speculated that fans will get to see a new man in Jane's life. There's a huge possibility that questions like Who will Jane marry? Will it be Rafael, Michael or someone new? And will she lose her virginity? may be answered when the show returns for its mid-season premiere.

Some reports have said that Jane's life will take a drastic turn when she will meet an attractive computer wiz named Dax, while many others have pointed out that she might have a fling with her writing professor Chavez

The trailer clip shows that Jane discovers that her grandfather is gay after her grandmother tells her: "Your grandfather is gay and he left me for a man."

"Jane the Virgin" season 2 is on a mid-season break and will return with "Chapter Thirty-One" on 25 January, 2016. For more information on the upcoming episode and live streaming details, don't forget to check back here.