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Season 2 of The CW's crime-drama series "iZombie" will not return till March 22 and it seems that the protagonist of the series, Liv Moore (Rose McIver), will be more human-like, leaving her vampire traits behind in the next episode titled "He Blinded Me with Science."

Even though there has been no official information regarding the story of Episode 15, a promo of the episode provides a sneak peek into what can be expected in the upcoming episode.

In the promo, Liv can be seen with a significantly different personality than before. It seems that all her zombie traits -- the bleached blond hair, lips with blood spots, dark circles around her eyes and the pale dead-looking skin -- have gone away. In the trailer, Liv is sporting a long natural hair with brighter skin complexion.

Ravi (Rahul Kohli) is visibly taken aback by Liv's new avatar as he can be seen acting uncomfortable with her appearance and telling Liv that the new look is making her "weird and creepy." Liv joked that Ravi must be spending a lot of time with the dead and hence, he is finding Liv's more human-like look odd.

However, there is a significant possibility that it is not a natural change in Liv's appearance and she is just concealing her vampire looks with make-up to get a more human-like look.

In the second part of the promo, Blaine (David Anders) can be seen back in his zombie form asking for brains in Ravi's lab. Initially shocked, Ravi allowed him to eat from his stocks as he didn't have another option.

How the story will progress and whether Liv will finally be back to her human form or not, will be seen only once "He Blinded Me with Science" will be aired on March 22.