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Things are going to turn against Nick (David Giuntoli) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), as in their absence Black Claw will finally get an opportunity to make the move in the upcoming episode titled "Key Move" of NBC's supernatural drama series "Grimm" Season 5.

According to the synopsis of the episode, "With Nick and Monroe off to the Black Forest, Black Claw launches a major attack on Portland."

In the previous episode titled "Map of the Seven Knights," "Antiquarische Buecher" owner and antique book dealer Felix Dietrich received a call from an appraiser named Andrea Stroh from Prague in the Czech Republic.

She wanted him to appraise some books from the estate of a decreased man named Joseph Nebojsa. Felix recognised that the books were written by Grimms, so he called his nephew, Monroe, to see if Nick wanted to buy the books.

Elsewhere, two Anubis Wesen from the Black Claw killed Andrea, and Felix fled to Portland with Grimm books to show it to Nick. Nick didn't have money to buy the books, but he was desperate to get them, since they would let him recover what he lost when Juliette burned Marie's trailer in the last season.

The Anubis Wesen eventually found Felix and killed him. Nick learnt that Felix had the books shipped to Portland. Nick and Monroe went to the shipping company where they encountered the Anubis.

Nick and Monroe fought the Wesens and Monroe bit their throats in a fit of rage over his uncle. After defeating them, Nick and Monroe found the books and returned to the spice shop with the trunk containing the books.

Later, they found that in addition to a detailed catalogue of Wesen, the books also contained a Grimm family tree, including Nick. Monroe found that the secret compartment lock of the trunk contained three more keys. Combining it with the two they had, they completed the five puzzle pieces of the map of the Seven Knights – the ancestors of the Grimm. The map led them to the Schwarzwald (The Black Forest).

Instead of airing on Feb. 26, "Key Move" will now air next week on March 4.