The upcoming episode titled "Bookie of the Year" will air on an unspecified date instead of airing March 20. Though the synopsis of the episode is not yet revealed, it will most probably pick up right from where the last episode titled "The Heartbreak Dog" ended.

In "The Heartbreak Dog," Bonnie Swanson celebrated his 46th birthday at the Swanson residence along with the Spooner Street neighbours. Brian found Bonnie crying in her room and told him that she was sick of taking care of Joe Swanson for all her life.

When Bonnie finished her story, she and Brian shared a kiss and regretted it immediately afterwards. Brian confided his deed to Peter who promised to keep mum on it.

Joe and Bonnie visited Griffins' house for game night where they played several games. When Bonnie went to get more wine, she spotted Brian working on his laptop. They had an awkward conversation and Brian lied that he hadn't told about it to anybody.

Both of them agreed that their romance will lead to nowhere and decided to end it altogether. In the meantime, Stewie face-timed Brian and learnt of their affair, but Brian shut him off.

However, when Brian and Bonnie were returning to the living room, Peter accidentally let it slip that the both of them were having an affair that shocked everybody, including Joe.

Brian visited Joe next day and tried to explain himself. Joe initially seemed to be okay but afterwards, his mood worsened. Joe planned to take revenge by drugging Brian, putting shoes on him and uploading the footage on internet.

Angered by Joe's behaviour, Brian convinced Bonnie to escape with him and they both started living a life together working in a diner. Joe eventually found them both and apologised to Bonnie. They reconciled by kissing each other, while Brian claimed that he was actually playing Cupid.