Season 4 of "Switched at Birth" ended on a surprising note on Monday, 26 October. Despite Regina being cheated of her happy ending, the ABC drama ended on an overall positive spin.

John and Kathryn's financial problems are solved – at least temporarily - Bay and Emmette got closure from the relationship; Daphne and Bay have travelled across the world to do things that they are both truly inspired to do and Toby and Lily had their baby.

Although Regina tried her best to hold on to Eric, and do everything right to keep him out of jail and not separate him from his son, in the end Eric had to run away. He had to think about his son first, and Regina had to respect that. In the grand scheme of things, Regina could also be said to have had a happy ending, because she would have always had to live in fear if she were to be with Eric long term.

However, anyone who watches "Switched at Birth" knows the drama will not bring an interesting twist in the story at every corner. The finale had ended with Bay – who is working as a tattoo artist in China - running to her "switchster" Daphne, to inform her that he needs to return home immediately. From the look on her face, Bay had just received some bad information, and what that is  will be revealed in the Season 5 premiere.

The upcoming season will hopefully also deal with Travis and Bay's relationship. The duo had become really close to each other in the previous season, especially after Bay got raped by Tank and later dumped by Emmett. In the finale, Travis told Bay that he is in love with her; but Bay who was caught off-guard did not know how to respond.

Season 5, which takes place a whole summer after this confession, probably will give us answers regarding Bay's feelings. She has admitted to Daphne that she enjoyed the kiss, and they do make a cute couple, but only time will tell the future of their relationship.

Based on the history of "Switched at Birth", the show will return with Season 5, approximately around January 2016. Meanwhile, don't forget to check back here for regular updates on the show and spoilers for the upcoming episodes.