Shopping King Louie
Shopping King Louie has witnessed 10% increase in viewership ratings.Facebook/MBC

Shopping King Louie a.k.a Shopaholic Louis concluded its fourth episode with a shocking twist and the show is going on a short hiatus this week due to a music festival on MBC scheduled for Wednesday, October 5.

The Korean mini-series, which revolves around the life of a rich shopaholic man, will return with episode 5 on October 6. Click here to watch the episode live online. The sequel will also be available online here.

The sequel will pick up right from where it left off in the last episode. The director finally meets the title character, whom he tried to kill with the help of his lackey.

Although the male protagonist greets Kim Kyu-chul's character, he does not respond immediately as it takes some time for him to realise that his enemy is alive.

The director will definitely go after his lackey in the upcoming episode to find out what had gone wrong on that day. Moreover, he will execute his next plan to get rid of Seo In-guk's character. So it remains to be seen if Go Bok-shil will get harmed by them.

However, the trailer of the upcoming episode does not provide any insight on the evil plans of Kyu-chul's character. It primarily focuses on the love triangle between Nam Ji-hyun's character, her boss Cha Joong-won and the male lead.

The managing director of the Gold Group pays a visit to the female protagonist's apartment and gets shocked to find a man with her. Later on, he confronts her.

The promo also takes its viewers through a sequence between the title character and his friend In-sung, wherein the latter tells the former about Joong-won's crush on the female lead. It evokes jealousy in Louie, who follows Bok-shil while she is out with her boss.

The sneak peek video even shows the male lead admitting his love for the female protagonist. He is seen saying, "I will be glued to you forever. Even if you have a crush on you, you can't like him. If you do, I will be sad."

Watch the trailer of the upcoming episode below: