Liev Schriber as Ray Donovan
Liev Schriber as Ray DonovanFacebook/Ray Donovan

Fans of Showtime's "Ray Donovan" are going to have a boring Sunday on Sept. 4, considering the upcoming Season 4 episode 11 will not be aired this week. Instead, the episode titled "Chinese Algebra" will be aired next Sunday, Sept. 11.

As fans saw in the previously aired Season 4 episode 10 "Lake Hollywood," after weeks and weeks of threats, the Russians finally made a move. Avi is in the custody of Dmitri, and Ray had an ingenious plan to save him with the help of Lena. However, in typical "Ray Donovan" style, things went awry towards the end. So now, Ray has to devise a new plan to save his friend.

It is understood that while he does this, Ray gets detained by Agent Barnes and makes him an offer. The official synopsis for the upcoming Season 4 episode 11 of "Ray Donovan" titled "Chinese Algebra" reads:

After devising a plan to save Avi, Ray is detained by Agent Barnes before he can act; Mickey places a high-stakes bet; Barnes makes Ray an offer.

 After this episode, Season 4 episode 12 titled "Rattus Rattus" will be aired on the next Sunday, Sept. 18. The synopsis for the episode reads: 

Ray tries to play his adversaries against each other.