The previous episode of "Quantico" ended with Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) making a very difficult and surprising decision of turning herself in to the FBI. However, fans will have to wait to see if Alex is successful in convincing everyone that she is not the bomber and another bomb is about to explode in NYC.

The ABC show is going on a week-long break, after which Season 1 Episode 9 "Guilty" will be aired. While Alex tries to explain her situation to a highly sophisticated team of FBI agents, Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) reportedly lands in bigger danger.

Fans saw him last in the helicopter Alex put him in, travelling to an unknown location with an unknown group of agents that seemingly believe in Alexs innocence. It is understood that the helicopter has not reached its destination, instead landing in deeper problems.

Meanwhile, at Quantico, the NATs are introduced to Dr Susan Langdon (Anne Heche), a former FBI agent and medical examiner-turned-bestselling author. She is their teacher for the week, as Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) appears to be absent from the episode. In last week's episode, she was seen bleeding profusely on the roof of her house.

The coming episode will also see Alex carrying a drunk Liam (Josh Hopkins) from a bar near Quantico, much to the annoyance of Ryan. He is angry his girlfriend helping the man who tried to destroy both their lives.

The upcoming Season 1 Episode 9 of "Quantico" will be aired on Sunday, 29 November. Do not forget to check back here for more updates ahead of the "Guilty" premiere.