Pictured: Jamie and Claire in Facebook/Outlander

Starz will not be airing a new episode of its hit time-travel series "Outlander" this Saturday. The series will air a marathon of all the previous episodes of Season 2, and the finale titled "Dragonfly in Amber" will be aired only on July 9. Also, most television shows take a brief hiatus during the Fourth of July weekend, as a majority of viewers do not tune in during the holiday.

But when "Outlander" returns, it is going to be an epic episode as it will see Jamie and Claire getting separated, as she will once again return to the future during the Battle of Culloden. According to the synopsis for the finale, the episode will feature two storyline, one with Claire in the future, and one where she is preparing for the battle.

The 90-minute episode is going to be an emotional roller coaster ride for viewers, previewed executive producer Maril Davis. "It's so emotional...It's so heartbreaking," Davis teased, according to Access Hollywood. "I don't cry any more at playbacks; I really don't because I've seen the stuff so many times. I cried like three times [watching the finale]. The music is wonderful, the writings amazing. I mean, Caitriona and Sam are heartbreaking. Get your tissues and your whiskey 'cause you're going to need it."

Reports also hint at the finale holding a surprise for readers of Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series of books, the source material for the television series. Previewing the finale, Sam Heughan, the actor who plays Jamie, said that the final episode will see him trying to alter history. "Ultimately the show has always been about relationships. Not only is that the climax of history, but it's also the climax of the relationships that are happening at the time. It's all doomed, and we can't stop history from happening," Heughan said, according to IGN. "[Season 2] certainly has a climax. [Showrunner Ron Moore] has also got some surprises."

"Outlander" airs Saturdays on Starz.