Pictured: A scene from Facebook/Outcast

There will not be a new episode of "Outcast" this Friday as it is the Fourth of July weekend, which is usually the time when television shows refrain from airing new episodes due to the fact that not many viewers will be tuning to watch television.

While the previous episode shed light into Megan past, thanks to Donnie's re-entry into her life, the next episode titled "The Road Before Us" will see Kyle reaching out to his estranged wife Allison. The episode will be aired on July 8.

The official synopsis for the episode does not reveal much about Kyle and his wife, but it states that he will pressing her to meet with him.

As fans of Robert Kirkman's comics know, Kyle and Allison once lived a blissful life with their daughter Amber. But their fairytale life was disrupted when Allison becomes possessed and attacks their daughter. Kyle successfully exorcised the demon, but this leaves Allison all bruised up, and she mistakenly believes that Kyle had physically assaulted her. Kyle does nothing to correct her and Allison files a restraining order.

It remains to be seen why Kyle has reached out to her now.

The synopses for episodes 5 to 8 (via Spoiler TV) are listed below.

The Road Before Us: Kyle (Patrick Fugit) presses his estranged wife, Allison (Kate Lyn Sheil), to meet; a suspicious Chief Giles (Reg E. Cathey) shadows his best friend.

From the Shadows It Watches: Rev. Anderson (Philip Glenister) finds his powers sorely tested; Patricia (Melinda McGraw) reaches out to Kyle (Patrick Fugit); Sidney (Brent Spiner) delivers a warning.

The Damage Done: Kyle (Patrick Fugit) and Allison (Kate Lyn Sheil) revisit their past; Rev. Anderson (Philip Glenister) gets carried away during Remembrance Day.

What Lurks Within: Rev. Anderson (Philip Glenister) finds himself increasingly alienated; Kyle (Patrick Fugit) has a stunning revelation from Sidney (Brent Spiner).