After a very thrilling Season 5 Episode 9, ABC's "Once Upon a Time" is going on a break. Previously-aired "Broken Heart" had focused entirely on Merida (Amy Manson) and Dunbroch, and also brought back two beloved characters - Mulan (Jamie Chung) and Ruby aka Red (Meghan Ory).

Mulan, who was in love with Princess Aurora (Sarah Bolger), had been going down a rogue path when Merida found her. Heartbroken, Mulan had almost given up on love, but with the arrival of Ruby, we have a feeling each of their days of solitude is over.

Ruby, who has travelled back to the Enchanted Forest in search of other werewolves, has asked Mulan to tag along in her quest. The honourable warrior and the werewolf have begun their journey to find a place to which they belong.

We will not be surprised if their journey brings the both of them closer together, and they figure our out that they belong with each other. However, we might have to wait a while before an episode featuring the lesbian couple will be featured in "Once Upon a Time", because the upcoming episode, "Broken Heart" is expected to take us back to Storybrooke.

In Episode 9, we finally learned the truth about what really happened in Camelot and why Emma (Jennifer Morrison) erased everyone's memories. It turns out there is not just one Dark One, but two of them, after Emma turned Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) into the Dark one too.

Hook is understandably angry with Emma for turning him dark without his permission, and in the coming episode we see him revealing to the woman he loves, "I want to hurt you, like you hurt me." We also see him picking a fight with his old enemy Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyl), who used to be the Dark One before Emma.

Watch out for the upcoming Season 5 Episode 10 of "Once Upon a Time" on next Sunday, 29 November.