Fans of CBC's "Murdoch Mysteries" will have to wait yet another week to catch a new episode, as the show has been preempted due to Canadian federal election coverage.

Season 9 episode 3 of the Canadian television drama will be aired on 26 October.

A message on Murdoch Mysteries' Facebook page reads: "We're preempted this upcoming Monday, October 19 for Canadian federal election coverage, but Peter Mansbridge and CBC News: The National will have a special Murdoch surprise for you during the night, so stay tuned or set your PVRs. And please take the time to vote. Because you can."

According to the Murdoch Mysteries wikia page, episode 3 is entitled "Double Life" and will see "Murdoch and his colleagues investigate the murder of a young suffragette."

Spoilers for the upcoming episode states that "Double Life" will come as a shock as well as surprise for longtime "Murdoch Mysteries" fans, as the person who will die in season 9 episode 3 will be Lillian.

At present, not much is known about the murderer other than that "the real killer may still be living under an assumed name."

Reportedly, Victoria Hall in Cobourg was used as a train station in this episode, and update from the filming location revealed that George and Emily were spotted hugging and she had a suitcase with her.

News of Lillian's death has piqued the interest of a number of George-Emily fans, who want the couple to reunite. So far, showrunner Peter Mitchell hasn't revealed what's in store for the duo, but he did note that the core team will be together in season 9.

"We're probably going to work, a little more this year, at putting the team back together and see them work more as a coordinated unit. But it's Murdoch Mysteries, so hopefully we'll still have controversial storylines and zany storylines…" he told TV, Eh?

"Murdoch Mysteries" is aired Mondays on CBC.