Halloween is a great celebration in "Modern Family" every year, with most fans looking forward to Claire's (Julie Bowen) crazy love for scary things. However, it looks like there will be no Halloween-themed episode in Season 7 of the ABC show as no new episodes of "Modern Family" will be aired in the next two weeks.

On 21 October, ABC aired "The Verdict", which marked Season 7 episode 5 of "Modern Family". In the episode, we saw Gloria (Sofia Vergara) putting her American citizenship to good use, by going on jury duty. The episode also saw Phil (Ty Burrell) accompanying Manny (Rico Rodriguez) and Luke (Nolan Gould) for a community service day and Claire taking Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Alex (Ariel Winter) to her office on "Take your daughter to work day".

It looks like the show is going to take a short break and not air episodes for two weeks -- 28 October and 4 November. The upcoming Season 7 episode 6 of "Modern Family" will instead be aired on Wednesday, 11 November.

The episode, titled "The More You Ignore Me", will hopefully feature some more of Andy (Adam Devine) and depict some progress in his love story with Haley. The showrunners have been side-lining the couple's story for a while now, focusing more on other family members.

In the first episode, we saw Andy and Haley screaming at each other and parting ways even though Haley clearly loves Andy and he is stresseating because he knows he should be with Haley and not his fiancée. Meanwhile, Dylan (Reid Ewing) is in the picture and as much as we love his childlike innocence, he needs to go so Andy can make a comeback.