"Modern Family" will not air a new episode this week
"Modern Family" will not air a new episode this weekFacebook/Modern Family

ABC's "Modern Family" is going on a short break ahead of Season 7 episode 20, which will be aired on Wednesday, May 4. The upcoming episode, titled "Promposal," is expected to be worth the wait, because it will see Luke (Nolan Gould) and Manny (Rico Rodriguez) getting all dolled up for their first prom.

It time for that magical night in every high school-goers' life, and Luke and Manny are not going to let it slip by. While Luke will seek the help of his dapper uncle Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) for his promposal, Manny will get the help of the more sensitive and loving uncle Cam (Eric Stonestreet). However, Cam will let his personal feelings get in the way and go overboard with the preparations.

Meanwhile, Claire (Julie Bowen) will be convinced that there is a mole in the company, who is leaking information about Closet Fornia just ahead of Closet-Con. Fans know how paranoid Claire can get when she is convinced of something.

Gloria (Sofia Vergara) will take Phil (Ty Burrell) along to confront her aunt Alice (June Squibb) about stealing her hot sauce recipe in "Promposal." He will go on full vigilante mode to stand up for his family. Jay (Ed O'Neil), on the other hand, will be too busy trying to teach his toddler Joe (Jeremy Maguire) how to get some manly work done.

Season 7 episode 20 "Promposal" is still a couple of weeks away, but you can always watch all the old episodes of "Modern Family" via ABC Go.