The junior home cooks from across America have displayed their technique, strength and imagination in the MasterChef kitchen until now. For the contestants in the reality cooking competition, the title of MasterChef is a dream and as the competition progresses, we can expect to see more from them.

So far, Addison and Kya seem to have an edge. They seem to have a palate that's evolved and quite important for a Chef. However, it remains to be seen how the top ten remaining contestants will fare in the next few weeks.

Although Fox broadcasts a new episode of "MasterChefJunior" on Fridays, there will be no new episode on Christmas Day, 25 December. The next episode will be aired on Friday, 8 January.

In season 4 episode 8, the remaining ten contestants will be divided into pairs of two and they are required to make as many devilled eggs as possible, all in the span of twelve minutes. This is not all, judges Graham Elliot and Gordon Ramsay carry out the same task and we will see them compete with the home cooks aged between 8-12 years.

Season 4 episode 8's synopsis reads:

The cooks compete in pairs to make the most deviled eggs in 12 minutes, and the winners are safe from the next elimination challenge, which involves making signature dishes from their future cookbooks.

"MasterChef Junior" season 4 episode 8 titled "Hatching a Plan" will be aired on Fox on Friday, 8 January. You can live stream the episode via Fox Now and Hulu