The CBS series "Limitless" has gone on a short break following the airing of Season 1 Episode 13 "Stop Me Before I Hug Again" on Tuesday, 19 January. "Limitless" Season 1 Episode 14, titled "Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture", will not be aired for the next couple of weeks, but instead, will premiere on Tuesday, 9 February.

In "The Assassination of Eddie Morra", Brian (Jake McDorman) was seen going behind senator Morra (Bradley Cooper) and Sands (Colin Salmon) back, and helping the woman who tried to murder Morra. He helps her fake her own death, so that she could go into hiding. However, his loyalties still lie with Morra, as seen in "Stop Me Before I Hug Again".

Brian was seen working on his first FBI field assignment. He travelled to Quantico and offers skills to help the Behavioural Analysis Unit that catches serial killers. However, things took a turn for the worse when Brian realises that David Englander (Terry Serpico), the agent that he is working with, may have put an innocent man behind bars.

Englander had even written a book about capturing the serial rapist and the case made his career. However, Brian solved the mystery as to how the person behind the bars even took a lie detector test that proved he was the killer.

When it came to protecting Morra from Rebecca (Jennifer Carpenter), though, he wasn't as successful. When Rebecca started to look deeper into Morra's connection to NZT, Brian tried to throw her off, by switching Morra's jacket infused with the NZT blood with an identical jacket with clean blood.

However, she figures out the truth when Sands forgot to button the jacket, and Brian buttoned it the wrong way. What Rebecca does with the information that connects Morra to NZT will be the premise of the upcoming "Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture".