In a bizarre case of scheduling episodes, NBC's "Heroes Reborn" has decided to go on a mid-season break just three episodes ahead of the season finale. The upcoming "Hero Truther", which marks Season 1 episode 11 of the show, will therefore, not be aired on Thursday, 3 December, instead, it will be aired on 7 January, 2016.

In the previous episode we saw Luke (Zachary Levi) redeem himself by saving Malina (Danika Yarosh), but the world still remains to be saved. But "Heroes" fans did get a happy surprise with a lighter moment, during which Noah reminisced about his daughter with granddaughter Malina.

He said, "Tough. But thoughtful. She always rooted for the underdog. Stubborn… You remind me of her."

In the fall finale, we also got to see a future colony that is prepared for all humans to live in, following the apocalypse. But, it is Erica's (Rya Kihlstedt) brainwashing that took Tommy to the colony. We also see Miko (Kiki Sukezane) there, and she is told by Hachiro (Hiro Kanagawa) that she is a construct of his real daughter.

We also see Phoebe (Aislinn Paul) and Quentin (Henry Zebrowski), who came along with Erica and Tommy to the future, arguing over Quentin's commitment to the "cause". His sister claims that Quentin is guilty about the work they do in the colony, but the argument does not last long, because Erica asks Tommy to send them back to the present.

Soon enough, Katana Girl appears in the desert-like future colony and fights the guards before revealing to Tommy that it is her mission to free him. Erica is obviously furious that her brainwashing plot did not work.

Regardless, the good news is that fans will not feel tortured over a heavy cliffhanger till the show returns in 2016, but we still have several questions that deserve to be answered. Who kidnapped Noah (Jack Coleman)? Will Quentin redeem himself as a hero? Is Luke playing a long con, like Noah expects him to be or has he truly evolved?

You will have to wait till Thursday, 7 January, for the answers. Meanwhile, do not forget to check back here for updates, spoilers and fan theories of "Heroes Reborn".