After an exciting episode 9 on 20 November, CBS' "Hawaii Five-0" is on a two-week short hiatus. The network will not be airing season 6 episode 10, titled "Ka Makau kaa kaua" aka "The Sweet Science", as per schedule on Friday, 4 December, as well. The fans can look forward to watching the next episode on 11 December, 2015.

In episode 9, titled "Charade", we saw Five-0 going back to school when a college professor is killed and Danny goes undercover as his replacement. The episode showed how while investigating the murder of a college professor, McGarrett enlists Danny and his nephew Eric to go undercover as the new professor and student to question the college students what happened. Meanwhile, Chin bonds with Agent Dunn during her stay in Hawaii.

After a brief Thanksgiving break, "Hawaii Five-0" will return with episode 10 only to officially go on a winter break. No official synopsis has been released by CBS for this mid-season finale episode, but according to the episode summary reads: "The brother of a promising local boxer is murdered and the chief suspect is the outspoken reigning champion opponent from the mainland."

Meanwhile, various reports hint that "The Sweet Science" will feature a major event, return of familiar faces and a comeback by a big villain. According to Latin Post, the mid-season finale episode 10 will feature Gabriel coming back to seek revenge from Adam. Gabriel was last seen in season 6 episode 4, where Adam was compelled to torture Gabriel's partner Aaron.

"It's definitely going to affect Kono and Adam's relationship. That threat is not going away. ... He's definitely a big presence in their lives and everybody else's," executive producer Peter Lenkov was reported as saying.

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