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Fans of CBS' "'Hawaii Five-0" will have to wait for yet another week to catch a brand new episode of the series.

Season 6 Episode 17, titled "Waiwai," which translates to "Assets," will be aired on March 11, and the episode will see McGarrett learning the truth about Catherine's departure. As fans of the series would recollect, McGarrett was close to proposing to Catherine before her hasty departure in the Oct. 9 episode.

Will McGarrett ever find everlasting love? Actor Alex O'Loughlin concedes to News Corp Australia Network that his character is not lucky in the love department.

"Mate, he's a mess, poor b******. The thing is though, he really is a victim of circumstance ... it's not like he's blowing it," O'Loughlin said. "I just think (executive producer Peter Lenkov's) got these bets going about how long he can torture McGarrett with these women, so we'll see."

As for what is in store for the team in "Waiwai," the synopsis states that a Russian spy will jeopardise national security, forcing the Five-0 members to intervene.

According to TVLine, actress Olga Fonda will play the role of Anna Novik, the spy. "Fonda will appear later this season as Anna Novik, a spy who uses deadly tactics to obtain important stolen intel," the website teased. "Needless to say, she quickly finds herself a target of the Five-0 team."

The official synopsis reads:

A Russian spy steals a flash drive containing classified information that puts a Five-0 member at risk; McGarrett learns why Catherine left; Abby keeps her mission a secret.