The previously-aired episode of "Black Ink Crew" was one of the most emotional and beautiful ones, with O'S*** talking about his struggle with addiction and Donna's wedding. However, the show will not be airing any new episode on Monday, July 4.

"Southbound and Uptown" has marked the Season 4 finale of "Black Ink Crew" and since the season was much shorter than the previous ones, it seems to be a mid-season finale. Moreover, Vh1 has not renewed the show for Season 5.

However, that does not mean the off-camera drama has ended. The newlywed Donna seems to be gleeful not only by the actual wedding, but also by the fact that she got hitched before Dutchess.

Sky, Donna's bridesmaid, had warned her that the marriage should be about wanting to get married and not about getting revenge or any other reason. However, Donna's post proves that rubbing Dutchess the wrong way was a good incentive for the shotgun wedding.

She did make a lovely bride though: 

Meanwhile, an official premiere date for Season 2 of "Black Ink Crew: Chicago" is yet to be announced. However, Kat Jackson has recently told via social media that it will happen towards the end of the year. She also told that fans will get to see her empire growing in the upcoming season, during an interview with Millionaire Match.