FX will not be airing a new episode of "American Horror Story: Hotel" this Wednesday, 25 November 2015. The show is taking a break due to Thanksgiving, and season 5 episode 8, entitled "The Ten Commandments Killer" will be aired on 2 December.

So what can viewers expect when the show returns after a two-week hiatus? According to the promo and synopsis for the episode, we can finally expect some answers to the mystery behind the "Ten Commandments Killer".

The episode will see John Lowe trying his best to thwart the killer from committing any more murders. John also believes that the murderer is a resident of Hotel Cortez, and a clip for the upcoming episode shows him questioning Liz Taylor and Sally.

Also, there seems to be something going on between Mr. March and Sally, as one particular scene showed them arguing about some unfinished business. It might have something to do with John, as another scene shows her bringing him into a room that could prove vital to his investigation.

Talking about her character, actress Sarah Paulson said that Sally is a desperate person because she has fallen in love with John.

"[She's] so f**ked up! Sally is so addicted to wanting to feel and then anesthetizing herself from feeling, and being selfish and entitled. She's just a mess of a person. But she's in love with John Lowe, and that makes her very desperate," the actress told The Daily Beast.

The actress also hinted at someone in the hotel possibly holding the key to her freedom.

"She's looking for the drugs to help her forget. But when you can't leave the hotel, I don't know how you get saved - but maybe there's someone in there who can help her," Paulson told Variety.

The synopsis for "The Ten Commandments Killer" reads: "John closes in on The Ten Commandments Killer. Sally's arrangement with March is revealed."

"American Horror Story: Hotel" is aired Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.