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"Criminal Minds" Season 11 will not air any new episode this Wednesday, March 9, as per its schedule. The CBS series has taken a week's break after it aired Episode 16, "Derek," March 2. Fans can now expect to watch Episode 17, "The Sandman," March 16.

In Episode 16, we saw Derek Morgan abducted and tortured by the Dirty Dozen. But he managed to survive only because of the hallucinations of his father. He was finally rescued by his team at the end of the episode.

Though the network hasn't released any promo video for Episode 17, the synopsis of "The Sandman" teases it will see BAU hunt down an UnSub who kidnaps children in the dark of the night when their parents are fast asleep.

The upcoming episode's title is a reference to a mythological creature from European folklore, pointed out Christian Today. Sandman is apparently believed to grant children dreams, or nightmares in some cases. And the UnSub in the next episode will be seen doing just that, so he can wait for the parents to sleep before kidnapping the children.

Meanwhile, Derek will try to figure out who was responsible for the attack on him in the previous episode. But, according to Ecumenical News, neither the abduction nor the children's kidnapping cases will be resolved in Episode 17. The report said the next episode is just one part of the two-episode storyline. The cases will be closed in Episode 18, "A Beautiful Disaster."

The plot synopsis of "The Sandman" (via reads: "The BAU searches in Wichita for an UnSub who is abducting children while their parents sleep. Meanwhile, Morgan tries to learn who was responsible for his attack."

"Criminal Minds" Season 11 will return March 16 with Episode 17, "The Sandman." For more information on the upcoming episode and live-streaming details, don't forget to check back here.